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About Victor Pushin

Victor Pushin range of Cables, Wires, Plugs, Power Cords, Wire Harnesses and More

Victor Push-in Cords Pvt. Ltd is now a leading promoter and manufacturer of  Wire Harnesses, Electrical Wires And Cables, Two Pin Power Cords, Three Pin Power Cords, Schuko Power Cords, UK Power Cords, AV Cords, Adaptor Leads, Air Conditioner Power Cords & Wire Connectors, providing these products to MNC and leading national brands.  The company has multiple manufacturing locations and offices in Greater Noida, Pune and Delhi.  Behind the company are industry veterans with experience of more than 3 decades.

The company’s infrastructure spans state of the art machines, quality labs and the company boasts of many national and international certifications. Victor Pushin follows the latest quality process and is certified by international agencies. We are also committed to manufacturing Wires, Cables Power cords and related electrical components in a safe and environment friendly manner.

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Our Prestigeous Clients

Leading Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Electrical, Consumer Appliance brands

Our Quality Products

Victor Pushin range of Power Cords and Cables has products such as Wiring Harness,  2 Pin Power plug, 3 Pin Power plug,  multiple types of sheathed and unsheathed cables and wires, adaptor cables, UK type plug and much more.

Range of Power Cords, Wires, Cables, Wiring Harnesses by Victor Pushin

  • wire harness by victor pushin

    Electrical Wire Harnesses

    A Shock proof, Easy to fix, Light weight Wire Harness.

  • battery cable, battery cable manufacturer india

    Battery Cables

    Backed with a rich experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of Plug Wires and Battery Cables which are heat resistant and reliable.

  • automotive wire harness, wire harness for cars etc.

    Automotive Wire Harnesses

    Wire Harness for automobiles  and vehicles manufactured using high quality materials. Safe to use, durable, easy to install.